Rock n’ Roll in Mexico City!

  It’s been crazy two days in Mexico City after peaceful San Miguel de Allende. My husband Yordi has been here two weeks organizing a big concert in local casino and tomorrow is the day! It all started back in Finland half a year ago when Yordi told me he wanted to organize something small […]

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Top 10 San Miguel de Allende

It’s been great 11 days in San Miguel de Allende! Before I move on to Mexico city, here’s my “Top 10 of San Miguel de Allende”: 1. Casa de Betty Casa de Betty is the home of my mother-in-law and no, I’m not writing this out of fear but because I love her <3 Betty is […]

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Eco chic, green roofs and luxury hotels in San Miguel de Allende

  Great thing about Mexico is that nothing is off limit! With a good attitude, nice smile and bit of talk you can get anywhere I was happy to get to know two very exclusive hotels in San Miguel de Allende. They are the kind of hotels I couldn’t afford even once in my life […]

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Colorful Mexican market “El tianguis” in San Miguel de Allende

  Every Tuesday both locals and visitors gather together for a Tuesday market ”el tianguis”. The parking lot is full to the top and the market stands endless. What ever you need you can find here. Maybe not the top quality but they have it all: fresh fruit&vegetables, candy, meat&fish, alternative medicine, saint statues, antiques, […]

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Hot springs and trendy art galleries in San Miguel de Allende

Where there are no beaches on the sight this is where you go – hot springs and natural pools! There are several hot springs just outside San Miguel de Allende and the one we visited is called El Escondido, located 8 kilometers from the city.   El Escondido has igluu like indoor swimming are which […]

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Flooding streets in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato

Warm greetings from Mexico! We landed to Mexico three days ago and after a short stop in Mexico City we drove to beautiful San Miguel de Allende. San Miguel de Allende a.k.a SMA is a World heritage city in the state of Guanajuato and has the population of 160 000 habitants. SMA is located 274 […]

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The process of planning a road trip in Latin America…the short story :)

    Why to make a ROAD TRIP? Many people go backpacking in Latin America and that’s what we have done in Europe… but in Latin America we love long ROAD TRIPPING. My husband has been ROAD TRIPPING for more than ten years and organizing group trips with friends and family. This is our passion […]

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Casa de Emilio is going road tripping for three months!

Yep, Casa de Emilio is going road tripping for three months to Mexico and other countries of Central America. We’ll be on the road for September, October and November. Not to escape the nights that are getting longer here in Finland but to see my husband’s family and friends in Mexico. It’s been one and […]

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25.-26.7 Kontufolk festivaalin Salainen puutarha <3

Terveisiä Konnunsuolta Joutsenosta, jossa Casa de Emiliolla oli ilo olla mukana Kontufolk-festivaaleilla jo kolmatta kertaa. Kontufolkin “Hyvän meininkin festivaaleja” järjestettiin tänä vuonna viidettä kertaa ja teemana oli “Salainen puutarha”. Festari sai alkunsa joutsenolaisen kaveriporukan elokorjuujuhlan kohdetessa Saimaan Ammattikorkean Kuvataidelinjan opiskelijat ja kansainvälisen nuorisotyön. Festaripaikaksi valikoitui Konnunsuon komea Juhlalato, jonka pihapiiristä löytyy ihanan virkistävä lampi, metsää ja […]

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Three in the bath

A warm bath in a rainy day

Why not? To relax in these rainy-sunny-rainy-sunny days enjoying a warm bath, and also some hairdressing for Luiza <3 Wishing you a nice warm fresh week!

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