Clouds in the paradise of Roatán, Honduras

  From Granada (Nicaragua) we headed north to Matagalpa (Nicaragua) where we just rested for one night and enjoyed delicious local coffee. The next morning we were ready for another border crossing to Honduras. The crossing from Las Manos border was fairly easy and we were able to continue until Comayagua (Honduras) before the dark. […]

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Chocolate and spa in Granada, Nicaragua

  In Panama we reached our furthest point of the road trip and turned back starting the long road back up to Mexico, lindo y querido <3 We headed to Granada in Nicaragua, a colorful colonial town that we had to skip on our way down some weeks ago because of one day delay in […]

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Panama canal: connecting oceans

After all the previous natural wonders, we decided to go to visit one of the 7 modern artificial wonders of the world: the Panama Canal.   This engineering miracle facilitates the crossing commercial routes between Atlantic and Pacific oceans, instead of sailing all the way down to Cape Horn in the Antarctic circle and then back […]

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From the exclusive Pacific coast to the chilled out Caribbean coast of Panama

After the amazing days in San Blas we came back to Panama City where we stayed at our friends’ place before going first to spend the night at Valle de Anton and after this, make the exotic move that very few places in the world allow: swimming in the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean […]

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Are these the most beautiful beaches in the world? San Blas, Comarca Kuna Yala, Panama

  We took our time to literally disconnect ourselves from civilization, meaning a truly virgin and unconquered land: the Comarca de Kuna Yala. This ethnic group is proud of being the only one in the whole continent that Spaniards could not tame, conquer or even take resources from. Knowing that these friendly people have claimed […]

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An active volcano and waterfalls in Costa Rica!

  From Puntarenas we visited Volcano Poás which is an active volcano in central Costa Rica. Our original plan was to go to Monteverde but we were told that the road leading there was under reparation and the hiking tracks weren’t in good shape due to the rainy season. From Puntarenas we drove 99 kilometers to […]

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Pura vida with joyous ticos!

  After the heavy days of driving we finally had some days of relaxation in Costa Rica. We were warmly welcomed to Puntarenas by a local family and received with a real Tico breakfast: gallo pinto (rice and beans), platano frito (fried banana), queso palmito (Costa Rican cheese, very similar to Mexican Oaxaca cheese), huevos […]

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Crossing borders with a car in Central America – The Mexican plates ain’t helping!

  When stepping to Costa Rica’s ground after Nicaragua’s border we took a long breath. Crossing three borders in four days is too much and I wouldn’t recommend to anyone! From Guatemala to El Salvador we crossed from La Hachadura-Ciudad Pedro de Alvarado border. There in El Salvador we visited surfing beaches in El Tunco […]

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Surfer beach bodies in El Tunco, El Salvador

  Playa El Tunco is a black sanded beach just 42 kilometers from San Salvador and is the most popular beach destination and number one surfing destination for the locars and foreigners. Be clear though with what you expect because if you don’t surf there is not much to do If you are looking for […]

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Protecting the sea turtle: Tortugario CECON at Monterrico

  We had reserved a complete afternoon on getting to know the Tortugario (part of the Multipurpose Nature Reserve Monterrico). Even though it is know for its hard work protecting the sea turtle, there are plenty of other animals: caimans (small crocodile like reptiles), iguanas and fish. After taking care of them as babies, they […]

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