Central America 2014 MAP 3

Road tripping Central America: conclusion and pictures from all over

It’s been couple weeks since we returned from Central America and Mexico and we’ve been busy with work and Christmas plans. The memory of the three months on the road will keep us warm all winter here in Finland! We drew a map of the final route of the trip on Google Earth using the […]

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Ancient life in mountanous Cuetzalan, Mexico

  Our beach life had finally come to an end and we started the long drive to Mexico City with two stops. Leaving Playa del Carmen we headed to Villahermosa. We’ve stayed several times in this city but always just for the night while on move to somewhere else. But this time something curious happened. […]

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Salsa dancing and paddleboarding in Riviera Maya, Mexico

  Our friends in Playa del Carmen love salsa dancing and are extremely good at it. They take classes in local salsa school, participate events and go out dancing frequently. My kind of salsa is the salsa roja (food) and even though we took couple lessons together with Yordi my hips didn’t catch the rhythm […]

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The best of Mexico – Cenotes in Yucatan Peninsula

  The circle has closed and we have safely returned to Mexico. We crossed the border from Corozal (Belize) to Chetumal (Mexico) arriving to beautiful Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. The road trip is coming to the end but the best is yet to come: spending time with our friends who live in Playa del Carmen, […]

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Last days in Central America: Garifuna music in Punta Gorda and lazy days in Placencia, Belize

  After just one day in Hopkins, we arrived to Punta Gorda where a line-up of Garifuna artists, including Aurelio Martinez of Honduras and The Garifuna Collective, performed for Paul Nabor’s fans at a tribute in his memory at the Punta Gorda Sports Auditorium. And we had the honor of participating the tribute party with […]

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A small and intense multicultural fairyland – Belize

  After mindblowing days in Tikal and Las Flores we crossed the border to Belize from Melchor de Mencos… The crossing itself was pretty easy with the car, very few people at the border around mid day. The only interesting thing was that the customs department in Belize asked us to declare all our belongings, and […]

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A sunrise of divine energy in Tikal, Guatemala

After Roatán we decided to cross the border in the Omoa district, Honduras with the limit of Guatemala at Corinto. Well, we were expecting a hard border crossing after seven tough experiences in the previous countries, but to our surprise this was by far the most relaxed and easy crossing, it took only 15 minutes, […]

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Clouds in the paradise of Roatán, Honduras

  From Granada (Nicaragua) we headed north to Matagalpa (Nicaragua) where we just rested for one night and enjoyed delicious local coffee. The next morning we were ready for another border crossing to Honduras. The crossing from Las Manos border was fairly easy and we were able to continue until Comayagua (Honduras) before the dark. […]

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Chocolate and spa in Granada, Nicaragua

  In Panama we reached our furthest point of the road trip and turned back starting the long road back up to Mexico, lindo y querido <3 We headed to Granada in Nicaragua, a colorful colonial town that we had to skip on our way down some weeks ago because of one day delay in […]

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Panama canal: connecting oceans

After all the previous natural wonders, we decided to go to visit one of the 7 modern artificial wonders of the world: the Panama Canal.   This engineering miracle facilitates the crossing commercial routes between Atlantic and Pacific oceans, instead of sailing all the way down to Cape Horn in the Antarctic circle and then back […]

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